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World's first smart system that reminds

you everything when going out. 

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module 1
The display module has a 5-inch high resolution screen, where all your reminders, including text or voice messages, or to-do-list will pop up whenever you goes out.
module 2 iPhoneX
The Magnetic QI module is built for wireless charging. You can attach a MagBase, or any other QI supported devices here, and it will start wirelessly charging immediately.
module 3
The Magnetic NFC module is another board with an NFC reader inside it. It can hold any metallic or magnetic essentials you have and any associated reminders will pop up on the screen if the item with the correct NFC is place on the module or removed from it.
Key Features

Wireless Charging Enabled

Fuel your phone, Echo DOT, Google Home MINI or other electronic devices with MagBase when they are parked on the module.

Voice or Text Reminder

Listen to or read your reminders left by family members or yourself using the dedicated APP on your phone.

Smart Trigger

The World's first smart reminder that is triggered by your movement. The screen wakes up when you leave your house or when you return home.

Prepared for All Conditions

The World's first smart reminder that is accurately linked to the weather. It can alert you on both current and future weather changes, saving you from being soaked in the rain or burnt in the sun.

NFC Privacy Protection

Dedicated reminders will pop up, only when the item with correct NFC ID is added on or removed from the magnetic NFC module.

Organize Your Essentials without thinking about them

Keys, AirPods, or any other metallic or magnetic items can be parked here and they will always be ready whenever you need them.


story 1
You leave the house in a hurry only to find that it is raining outside. Don't worry, MagHive will alert you that the weather is bad BEFORE you leave.
story 2
Do you forget to take out the trash or forget to put the rubbish out and miss the refuse collection? Use the MagHive to remind you when it is and you will never forget again.
story 3
Use the MagHive to remind your Grandma to take her pills using your own voice, she will be able to follow her doctor's instructions whilst being reminded by you.

works 1
works 3

When removing any item from the magnetic module, the screen module starts communicating with your phone through the cloud, and returns the reminders that you have preset on your phone.

Dedicated Reminders with MagTag Adoption

A MagTag is a key tag with an NFC chip inside it, which you can pair with the magnetic NFC module. When you pre-set any memos as private through the APP, they will only show up when the pre-paired MagTag is added on or removed from the NFC magnetic module. You can also do this with the PITAKA MagKey too.

Learn more about MagKey >>

works 1
works 1

Customize any activities or memos based on the weather conditions. Remind yourself to bring an umbrella when it rains, or sunglasses when it's going to be sunny.

MagHive PITAKA echodot
Compatible with Echo Dot

The magnetic QI module is compatible with Echo Dot or Google Home mini using the PITAKA MagBase, which can be attached to the magnetic QI module to charge your Dot or Home mini. By doing this, you can simply talk to Alexa or Google and ask them to do anything you want.

Learn more about MagBase >>

works 1
Enable Any Wallet Attachable

You can also enable your wallet to be magnetic by putting a PITAKA magnetic NFC card inside. By doing so, you can easily wake up dedicated reminders on the screen too.

Beautiful, Modular, Yet Smart

With its modular hexagon shaped design, crafted from natural real wood, the PITAKA MagHive is just as beautiful as it is easy to use. And you can add as many as you want. You will have not only a beautiful wall deco but a smart all in one solution as well.

Modular Design
Colors Options of The Wood

The Parameters

Size and Weight
6.77 inches high (172mm)
5.87 inches wide (149mm)
0.63 inches thickness(16mm)

14.1 oz (400g)

1280 x 720 dpi
works 1


Never Ruins Your Day with Little Things. Always Be Prepared.

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